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Test: The Apple Watch Ultra Subjected To Extreme Conditions – Is It Really As Strong As Apple Claims?

Is the Apple Watch Ultra really able to meet the same standard as the rest of the so called "rugged" category, or is it more of a lifestyle accessory that only lays claim to the same level of robustness? Should Apple's description of its newest smartwatch model be to be believed, the Apple Watch Ultra should mark the first edition of a quite stable product. Under more extreme conditions which would have very quickly led to damage in the standard line, the Apple Watch Ultra defies the elements – according to Cupertino's own presentation. Although such conditions are extremely unlikely in most large cities, many extreme sports necessitate exposure to the elements – hard contact with stone and dust during camping adventures, rock climbing, high-pressure and contact with rock whilst diving, or strong shocks from falls during other extreme activities.

Crash Testing – Impact With The Ground
A recent test hoped to answer the question as to whether or not the Apple Watch Ultra is indeed a good choice for users who might regularly take advantage of its marketed hardiness. The first test was a simple impact test against the ground – although the standard line's exterior develops visible damage or is even completely splintered after a 5 foot drop, the Apple Watch Ultra fails to show any sign of the occurrence at all. As can clearly be seen, Apple seems not to have overpromised, as the smartwatch and its especially durable display completely withstand the impact. Only the titanium case shows any outward signs of the mishap at all, although these are considerably less noticeable than with the standard version of the Apple Watch.



The Ultra Withstands Scratches & Hammers
The new Apple Watch also showed itself to be impervious to both nails and screws – with only minimal signs of damage on the housing or display. To simulate how the watch would react to collisions with harder objects, the smartwatch was shaken inside a glass with nails and screws. The most impressive test was the hammer test – the only similar occurrences in the field would be during falls or drops where the watch would make robust contact with the ground. The smartwatch even survived direct hits from the hammer without a problem, even evoking an exclamation of "That's insane!" from the tester.

Conclusion: The Apple Watch Ultra Is Incredibly Sturdy
Apple clearly hasn't exaggerated in its own description of its new product. The Apple Watch Ultra can handle some rough stress that would normally completely destroy most normal watches. The suspicion that the Apple Watch Ultra isn't really a "rugged" watch designed for the same indications as the rest of its (at the time of these suspicions) alleged product category is clearly no longer relevant, with these tests having finally laid the matter to rest. It was only possible to shatter the display by applying full force – and this was under such extreme conditions that they are unlikely to even occur in most intensive usages. The conclusion is thus: The Apple Watch Ultra is more than a fashion article with a sturdy appearance – it's a truly robust product. However, it remains to be seen whether the public will primarily adopt the new product for extreme sports – or whether the product will become more of the previously mentioned "lifestyle" article.

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