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Test: The iPhone 14 Pro Max's Charging Speed – Which Power Adaptor Is Best?

iPhones aren't considered to be devices with especially short charging times, in contrast with some options in the Android sector, where there are some smartphones capable of charging up to full capacity within half an hour. Although the iPhone 14 Pro Max does indeed contain a far larger battery than most devices, a little bit more patience than usual is required. Apple's product page specifies that Fast Charging with a 20 watt power adaptor or faster enables users to charge to 50% capacity in 30 minutes. wireless charging, via MagSafe or Qi chargers, only reaches 15 or 7.5 watts respectively.

iPhone: Will A Stronger Power Adaptor Accomplish Anything?
How many watts could the iPhone 14 Pro Max even take when connected to chargers of differing wattage? This exact question was recently answered via a practical test comparing the various options from Apple ranging from 18 to 140 watts (the MacBook Pro's charger). The results are as follows below this paragraph, with the average value indicated for each charge of a battery under 50 percent. Since the charging curve does begin to level out, once the battery approaches its maximal capacity, the first half is always faster than the second.



Power adaptor and charging speed for the 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 – No Advantage For Power Adaptors With More Than 30 Watts
Although the iPhone 14 Pro Max can take on 29 watts for a short amount of time, the device's consistent intake during charging lays more around 26 watts. Thus, those seeking the best power adaptor for the quickest possible charging should reach for the 30 watt adaptors. Although variants with only 18 or 20 watts are completely encumbered by the energy requirement of charging, there is no advantage to a power adaptor with more than 30 watts. Even the currently strongest power adaptor available from Apple, capable of up to 140 watts, only provides the iPhone with the 26 to 27 watts requested by the device's charging electronics.

The Verdict
In comparison to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, there aren't any changes. The new generation presents with the exact same performance as the last, as far as charging is concerned. As usual, this entire scenario is also framed by the fact that constant, quick charging of a device is not entirely positive for that device's life span – as this can lead to very high internal temperatures, especially in passively cooled devices such as the iPhone.

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