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That's It For The iMac Pro – Last Models Sold Out

At its release, the iMac Pro was an especially impressive product – setting an entirely new bar in terms of performance. Despite the almost accepted heuristic that more power requires greater cooling and thus more fans (and more noise), the iMac Pro managed to supply its power-hungry Xeon processor with so much fresh air that the cooling system's volume only rarely increased. Apple announced the iMac Pro 3 and a half years ago at the World Wide Developer's Conference in 2017. At the time, the product was very important for the company, as Apple found itself in an awkward position. The 2013 performance model Mac Pro had turned out to be a dead-end for Cupertino, the model's performance suffered due to its urn-shaped design being too small to accommodate modern graphics cards.

iMac Pro Released In The Meantime
In order to fill in the absence of a sufficient high-performance model, Apple decided upon a two-pronged approach. The company promised a completely new Mac Pro by the start of 2017 along with an "in-between" model to tide customers over. The promised Mac Pro didn't end up getting released until 2019, whereas the first (and only model) iMac Pro was released in 2017 in place of the promised Mac Pro. It's unknown whether Apple's initial intent with the iMac Pro was to simply appease customers until the release of the new Mac Pro, or if the computer was intended to receive its own permanent place in Apple's portfolio. 3 years have seen the high-end desktop computer outperformed in benchmarks by an unlikely suspect... Apple's new MacBook Air M1, available at a price of three times less.



Sales Ended 2 Weeks After Announcement
2 weeks ago, Apple confirmed what we'd all been suspecting and the future end of the iMac Pro was made official. The end has now come more quickly than expected, as the last in-stock iMac Pro has been sold. The device has been removed from Apple's Online Store in The United States. However, the device is still visible in the Apple Online Store for users from some other countries, for example, Germany – clicking upon the product simply brings users to a page with a list of the current M1 Macs.

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