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The 27" iMac Is Now History – Only 24" Model With M1 Available

Various reports concerning a follow up to the 27" iMac coursed throughout the tech world in the weeks prior to Apple's "Peek Performance" event yesterday. The rumors stated that Apple had plans to revive the iMac Pro brand name in the form of an Apple Silicon follow up to the 27" iMac. The device was alleged to be an M1 Max with additional cores, perhaps somewhat similar to the Mac Studio, released yesterday. Ming Chi-Kuo reported that there would be no such device and that Apple had postponed the desktop computer's launch. However, given how things are looking now, after yesterday's event – it looks as if the temporary "delay" may actually be permanent. Apple won't be releasing any "iMac Pro" and is simply removing the model from its line up entirely.

Only The iMac 24" Left
A quick glance at the "iMac" section of the Apple Online Store will reveal only the 24" M1 iMac released last year. The somewhat traitorous statement during the event was that there is only one Mac left to make the switch from Intel to Apple Silicon – the Mac Pro, as opposed to two (the 27" iMac/"iMac Pro" alongside the Mac Pro). The logical conclusion to make from such a statement is that Apple doesn't plan to continue producing two different models of iMac. Thus, those in need of a 27" display will simply have to reach for the new Mac Studio with its 27" display (or even a Mac mini), however, there won't continue to be an Apple desktop with a fully integrated display other than the current 24" iMac.



More Than A Decade Of The iMac Pro Comes To A Close
Apple's position marks the end of a rather long era in the company's history. Apple released the first 27" iMac more than 10 years ago in October 2009. However, the release tradition consisting of a larger variant of a smaller Mac is much older. The original model was only available in the form of a 15" CRT display – starting after the switch to TFT, however, users were provided with the option of choosing between various sizes. The 15" flat panel iMac (jokingly called the bedside table lamp) was joined by the 17" iMac, and later the 20" iMac. September 2006 saw the release of the first 24" iMac.

Change Of Plans? Or Was The iMac Pro Never Part Of The Plan?
It remains unknown whether or not an iMac Pro was ever part of Apple's plan, or if the decision not to release a 27" iMac Pro was made over the last few months. However, given that multiple, well-known, reliable leakers with different sources all reported that there was going to be an iMac Pro, this points more to a change of plans. Whatever the case, a larger iMac is no longer to be expected and even a release next year is unlikely given the current lineup.

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