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The Apple Car: Has a Decision Finally Been Made? Kia & Production in Georgia

After dozens of reports concerning Apple's new "car" this month, it appears as if Apple is finally preparing for production of the vehicle. If the project is successful, it's still likely to take years until we get to see an Apple car on the street with our very own eyes. Now, the course is already being set for production. Apple is alleged to have had negotiations with Hyundai, which could lead to a contract. This is to be expected, as it's been known for quite some time now that Apple doesn't want to have to design a car from "the ground up", and would prefer to rely on the expertise of an established manufacturer.

Kia In Georgia
In another report, there were rumors that Apple plans to write a contract with Kia, a subsidiary of Hyundai, for the production of the Apple car. This would likely mean that the car would be manufactured in Georgia. A number of well-known car companies have either manufacturing plants or centers in the "peach state", known as an automotive center. Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche are only 3 examples.



A Tactical Approach
From the South Korean site, eDaily, come reports that the negotiations with Hyundai are in such a late phase that work on the actual implementation can finally begin. According to the report, Kia was chosen as the manufacturer over Hyundai due to concerns that the Apple car could degrade Hyundai's reputation to that of a contract manufacturer. Damage to the brand image is of less concern when production is relegated to a subsidiary – even if it is already a well-established brand. According to internal sources, there has still been no final decision, despite the advanced stage of the discussions.

Assumed Timing
Any information concerning the Apple car should be taken lightly, as it's still possible that the entire ordeal will disappear into thin air should Apple change their minds – or find themselves unable to find an adequate production partner. Apple can't afford to invest in the release of a half-baked, unestablished product, which only differs from the currently well-established selection in terms of nuance. According to optimistic forecasts, we could see the first prototype in 2022, just don't get your hopes up too high yet.

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