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The "Apple Online Store" Is Making A Comeback

The term "Apple Store Online" never disappeared, although Apple officially stopped using the term more than 6 years ago. Just as the title "Apple Store Tampa" was replaced with "Apple Tampa", the website variation of the Apple store also lost the latter part of its title. Apple went a step further in August 2015 and completely removed the "Store" menu option from its home webpage. Since then, it's only been possible to purchase products by travelling to the individual product's webpage and there hasn't been one webpage displaying all of the products in Apple's lineup. However, that's changed as of just recently and the Apple Online Store has made a comeback.

The Apple Store Online Is Back
After the removal of the online store page, it was difficult to get an overview of Apple's selection. Thus, the removal wasn't exactly a step forward, since it made things especially difficult for new customers and needlessly complicated for others. Perhaps the decision was made in order to give the company less of a "capitalist" or "commercial" impression, however, Apple seems to have finally recognized the downsides of this decision and revived the "Store" page at the beginning of this week. The page can be accessed either through the company's main website or via a direct link and offers a plethora of information concerning Apple's current products. Those looking to upgrade their computer or purchase a new device from Cupertino would be well advised to take a look at the informative webpage before doing so.



A Large Overview: Make An Informed Decision About Your Purchase
The new page presents all current Apple products as well as any ongoing deals or promotions. At the moment, these include "Back to School" and "Back to College" specials – meaning you can buy a Mac or iPad with "education pricing" and get a free set of AirPods, amongst other deals. There are also several carrier deals available, where users can "Save up to 700$ on a new iPhone". Additionally, those who would like help or advice in making a decision concerning their purchase or more information concerning their purchase can initiate contact with a customer service representative or online adviser trained in such matters directly from the store page. At the bottom of the site, Apple advertises its "Today at Apple" sessions (virtually or at a location near to you), where users can learn about various Apple products, their features, and how to use them in personal, private, or business settings. There haven't been any functional or visual changes to the store's "Certified Refurbished" page for Apple products and accessories:

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