Monday, Jun 28, 2021, 16:19 iOS: Hardware

The Bigger The Better? Apple Possibly Developing iPads Larger Than 12.9"

Given that iPads don't have to meet the exact same portable criteria as a mobile phone that has to be small enough to fit inside a purse, there are fewer limitations when it comes to the size of the device's display. This means that it's possible to put even a massive (for a handheld device) 12.9" display on the iPad Pro. However, the iPad Pro's display is so large that certain compromises have to be made during operation – unlike the smaller iPads, it's difficult to hold the device with just thumbs and fingers. According to a recent report from Mark Gurman, Apple is considering increasing the size of the device's display at least once again – sources indicate that it'll take a while, however, until such a device is announced.

By 2023 At The Earliest
One thing's for sure, we certainly won't be seeing an iPad with a display larger than 12.9" by the end of this year or the next. Apple is currently focused on a newly designed model with the current dimensions – possibly arriving in 2022. After the release of this redesigned model, the larger iPad will eventually follow. With the advent of a 14 or 15" iPad Pro, the border between tablet and notebook would become even less clear – especially with the performance possible with Apple's iPad compatible Apple Silicon chips. Such a device would also have so much space available that it could be used more easily for presentations, whether lying on a table during a group discussion or attached to a wall during an exhibition or fair.



Other Plans For 2022
Other sources have also provided some clues as to Apple's immediate plans for the iPad. Apparently, Apple would like to switch to a glass backside and allow for bilateral charging per induction – in which case even an iPhone would be chargeable via the iPad. MagSafe should also be planned, although the magnetic charging connection technology is currently only available for the iPhone. The iPad mini's display size is also expected to increase to 9" – but the device itself won't actually see an increase in size thanks to its borderless display. There aren't any crazy plans for the standard iPad, however, it will remain true to the current concept.

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