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The Changing Computer World: Market Share of macOS vs. Windows vs. ChromeOS

Multiple market studies have already shown that Apple saw a clear increase in sales even before the start of sales for the new M1 Macs. The worldwide corona pandemic has led to an increase in demand for computers, especially those in the Notebook sector. Many other manufacturers also recorded record sales in 2020. However, it didn't look as if this would be the case at the start of the pandemic, with the closing of numerous factories leading to massive shipping delays. According to new numbers, one operating system profited more than any other – surprisingly, ChromeOS. However, it makes sense, given that most students have been switched to online classes worldwide and are now in need of cheap access to online classes, and ChromeOS computers have always performed well in the education sector.

Windows Caving In
Current numbers from the International Data Corporation (IDC) show that exactly one year ago, Windows held a market share of 87.5%. In the last 12 months, that percentage has taken a massive hit. By 2020's 2nd quarter, that number had already sunk to 81.7% – by the 3rd, 78.9%, and by the end of the year, 76.7%. A collapse of this magnitude hasn't been seen in Windows' entire history, although one must take into account that these numbers don't come from absolute sales figures.



ChromeOS Most Popular In Education Sector
ChromeOS has surpassed macOS in numbers and shows continuous growth – however, ChromeOS's target group differs from macOS's. ChromeOS isn't offered on any traditional computers or premium models. ChromeOS's strong focus on the US-American education sector distorts these results somewhat, especially as Apple is now targeting this sector with iPadOS as opposed to macOS. Chromebooks are rarely sought after outside of education. In the 1st quarter of 2020, macOS held a 5.8% share of the market, 3 months later a 7.6% share – and by the end of the year, a 7.5% share.

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