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The EU's €387K Virtual Party – Very Expensive & With Hardly Any Guests

The European Union has had an image problem for years – especially when it comes to young people between the age of 18 and 35. The supranational political and economic states-group hopes to counteract some of this with its "Global Gateway" financial initiative, which provided the financial backing for the Union's recent event in the Metaverse. On the 29th of November, the EU began advertising an interactive party on Twitter in its Metaverse-space. Visitors, as per the goal, were intended to meet up in virtual environments such as dreamy beaches and to dance to exciting music. However, this goal did of course presuppose that there would be any visitors at all. The guests were to be represented via avatars in the form of various paperclips of differing color.

€387,000 – But Barely Even A Handful Of Guests
The EU's Metaverse cost €387,000 according to a report from Devex. Neither the party's investment nor presence on Twitter helped it meet success: The virtual party barely even had 5 guests according to a tweet from Devex editor Vince Chadwick, who was one of the few guests. He visited the online party or the "gala concert in the EU foreign aid dept’s €387k metaverse" as he referred to it himself. After Chadwick chatted with a few others of those present, he found himself alone again in the virtual environment.



Check out the Twitter-post here:

EU Wants To Reach More Young People Via Metaverse
The EU wants to reach a larger younger and less politically engaged population that uses TikTok and Instagram. Thus, the European Union's Metaverse intends to clarify its global activities to its 18 to 35-year-old inhabitants (as well as those outside of the EU), as according to the EU – such information has yet to see much reception with this target group. However, after the massive lack of attendance and financial failure of the virtual party, it's certainly worth asking whether or not Brussels is pursuing the correct path. According to Devex, even several employees of the project were convinced that the party was not a great idea.

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