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The End Of A Legend – Apple Buries The iPod 20 Years After Release Of First Model

Apple updated the iPod touch in May 2019. Afterwards, the device remained untouched in the company's lineup for over 1,000 days. The iPod is one of the oldest pieces of hardware in Cupertino's lineup and hardly an attractive offer. The 7th generation of the last remaining iPod touch relies on the A10 chip from the iPhone 7, released in the fall of 2016. The compact music player could still have seen some success as purely a music player, however, the device had considerably fallen behind the performance of modern iPhones in all other respects. Barely anyone considered it likely to see a new edition, particularly given the fact that the product page hadn't even been updated yet and still mentioned iOS 14.

Apple Buries A Brand & Discontinues The iPod
Now the suspicions have been confirmed and has announced intentions to discontinue the iPod without replacement. Remaining supplies are still being sold although production has halted with no future models planned. This is almost a historic moment in the course of Apple's history with the once extremely successful iPod brand, considered almost synonymous with Apple, meeting its end 20 years following the product's initial release. Those old enough will remember how the iPod, released in 2001, managed to overtake the Mac in terms of revenue in 2005 – as well as how word on the streets was that Apple was changing from a Mac "producer" to an iPod "producer".



20 years ago.

Apple Owes Current Success To The iPod
It was the iPod more than any other product that led to Apple's extreme success since the early 2000s. At the time of its release, many jokingly referred to the iPod as "idiots price our products" – however, no one foresaw how successful the product would eventually become and the mocking didn't serve to dissuade customers from purchasing the portable MP3 player. Moreover, nobody predicted the impact that it would have on the entire music industry or Apple as a company, for that matter. The iPhone came about primarily as a result of the iPod, whilst Cupertino sought out “the next big thing” in anticipation of a replacement for the music player before anyone else could get a chance to get ahead of the curve. Now, since the rise of the age of multimedia-capable smartphones, it was only a matter of time until focus on the iPod hit the back burner.

"The Music Lives On"
Apple described the discontinuation of the iPod in a press release titled "The music lives on". Although there won't be any more iPods, there are obviously still many other ways to continue enjoying music with Apple products. Either way, sales numbers were so low that barely anyone was purchasing the iPod anymore.

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