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The End Of An Era – The Intel Mac mini Is History & Mac mini M1 Replaced By M2

One can certainly rightly assume that not many users remain in need of an Intel processor-equipped Mac mini. However, up until now – Apple continued to offer such a device directed at those customers still reliant on Intel-based Apple hardware. For all other users, the Mac mini M1 was the better choice in every respect. With the introduction of the Mac mini M2, the aged device's days are finally over. A quick gander through the product site reveals that the only available configurations of the device come with exclusively Apple's M2 processors. Intel's presence in the Mac world has taken yet another step into the past, with only one Apple device left that relies on an Intel processor – the Mac Pro, soon to undergo the switch to Apple Silicon. All other Intel Macs have been discontinued by Cupertino over the last 2 years.

Mac mini M1 No Longer In Lineup
For quite a while now, Apple has pursued the policy of offering older hardware generations at a slightly more affordable price after new releases. For example, the MacBook Air is available in not only the entirely remolded M2 version, 2020 versions of the device are also available with an M1 chip. Thus, one could have reasonably expected the same occurrence with the Mac mini and that after the release of the M2 model, customers might also be provided the option of an M1 iteration of the device at a reduced price. However, Apple did not end up taking this step. Since the Mac mini's price has already sunk by US$100 and €100, the company likely already met its lowest acceptable price margin – US$599 for US-American customers and €699 for European customers.



What's Expected To Come Next?
As mentioned, there's now only one obvious gap in the Apple Silicon lineup – the debut of an Apple Silicon Mac Pro sometime this year should permanently separate Cupertino from Intel. According to the most current reports, this could take even less time than previous, pessimistic forecasts. According to Mark Gurman, Apple is already preparing the presentation – with the event expected to take place as early as March or April 2023. However, the future of the Mac Studio remains unclear – and there are not currently any reports concerning a pending upgrade to the device. For Apple, the challenge is to make the Mac Pro more powerful than a Mac Studio – this was to be accomplished via an "M2 Extreme" chip consisting of 2 interconnected M2 Ultras, making the device more powerful than an M2 Mac Studio. However, the M2 Extreme has since been allegedly removed (see 3rd paragraph) from the program, making the future unclear, and placing the Mac Studio's position in the lineup in question.

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