Monday, Jun 14, 2021, 14:31 Hardware

The End Of An Unsuccessful Era – HomePod Finally Sold Out

Apple has only ever rarely made such a severe misjudgement of supply and demand as with the 2018 release of the HomePod. Normally, it takes a bit of a wait to get access to new Apple products (due to the incredibly high demand and hype), however, this wasn't ever the case with the HomePod. In fact, Apple had more difficulties getting the product off the shelves than onto them – which is rarely the case with the company. Even by the start of 2021, models from 2018 were still being sold. Apparently, Apple still hadn't sold out the first production batch – an unusual case for a company that is focused on minimising inventory. In March, Cupertino made an executive decision – effectively declaring things over for the HomePod. The HomePod will continue to sell until supplies run out, but it won't be getting a successor.

Sold Out In The USA
As it looks right now, the HomePod is in its final days. After having sold out in several other countries, it has now also sold out in the USA. Apple has changed the product's description in the Apple Online Store from "Available as long as supplies last" to "Unavailable". A few individual stores might still carry the product, but for the most part – and in the Apple Online Store, the product is gone. Apple has also mentioned that there are now no longer any HomePods in Canada. In Germany and many other countries, customers haven't been able to purchase the product since the end of March.



HomePod mini – & Maybe A New HomePod Next Year?
As Apple has previously stated, the company plans to concentrate fully on the HomePod mini for now. According to estimates, the HomePod mini has been much more successful than its premium-priced counterpart. However, there have been some indications that the company may not have completely abandoned its market ambitions of a premium-priced smartspeaker. There have been rumours of a possible HomePod with a swivel display, similar to Amazon's "Echo Show". According to Bloomberg, however, a decision has yet to be made and in the eventuality that Apple decides to go through with things, an announcement isn't expected until the middle or end of 2022.

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