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The Mac App Store – New Numbers Show An Abrupt Drop In Interest

In January 2011, the Mac App Store opened its software gates, meaning users now had direct access to a selection of around 1,000 apps thanks to the App Store platform. However, it very quickly became apparent that Apple was more concerned with maintaining offers on the iPhone app store's platform than on the Mac App Store. Whereas iOS received regular improvements to its app store, the Mac App Store often lagged years behind in comparison. It wasn't until macOS Mojave 10.14 that Apple started to clean up its act with regards to the Mac-based service and updated the interface. However, the Mac App Store also faces several challenges with regards to becoming the main starting point for all users, as unlike the App Store for iOS and iPadOS – the Mac App Store isn't an exclusive service and applications can be found, purchased, and downloaded elsewhere or on other platforms.

Significantly Fewer Apps Released
According to current numbers, interest in the Mac App Store is decreasing significantly. Whereas in past years, the Mac App Store added an average of 350-400 apps per month, a significant decline in these numbers has been noticed since the beginning of the year. Apple was actually hoping that the Mac App Store's portfolio would grow considerably given that with the advent of the new M-chips, iOS/iPadOS developers could now offer their apps for the Mac as well. However, things have turned out to be the exact opposite. Since May, however, that number has continually remained under 300 apps per month. Numbers could even fall below 200, as things are normally significantly quieter in summer than spring. AppFigures doesn't mention any concrete reasons for the observed dip in releases.



Not much has changed year to year in terms of general conditions on the Mac App Store – several of the platform's earlier points of critique (missing bundles, generally 30% commission) were solved in favor of developers. Even the former long-wait times before reviews could be posted now belong to the past. It's not entirely clear as to why there's been such an abrupt decrease in activity on the Mac App Store. It's possible that recent discussions about Apple's power over the market have led some developers to host their software on other platforms. Although there are no numbers to confirm this, it's unlikely that developers have simply lost interest in the Mac altogether, especially after the extremely successful release of the M1 Macs.

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