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The New MagSafe Batttery Pack – A Practical Test

Sales for the MagSafe Battery Pack started in conjunction with the recent release of iOS 14.7 (which is required for the battery to function properly) – the external battery pack's sales launch was also likely the reason that the most recent version of iOS was released before iPadOS. Now, there are several reports from owners of the device intended for all four versions of the iPhone 12. Although the battery pack does technically work with the iPhone 11 (thanks to the device's induction charging capabilities), it doesn't properly cling to the back of the smartphone due to its lack of MagSafe technology.

The Current Consensus About The MagSafe Battery Pack
There's not awfully much to say about an accessory with an already clearly defined set of features. The MagSafe Battery Pack is available for US$99.00 on the Apple Online Store as a simple means of providing iPhone 12s with a little bit of extra power. Cupertino hasn't released any information concerning the device's exact specifications, but users have noted the following:



  • Uncomplicated handling
  • Also works through cases
  • Much faster charging when the cable is also attached (15W vs. 5W)
  • The iPad Pro can't be charged with a MagSafe Battery Pack and cable, but the reverse works
  • After about 2 hours and 20 minutes, a completely dead iPhone 12 connected to the battery manages about a 79% charge, after which the battery is empty
  • The battery will not charge Apple Watches
  • However, it can charge AirPod cases
  • The battery maintains its position when attached even if the device is shook
  • When the iPhone 12 is under lots of load (videos, games, etc.), the device's power level will decrease, 5W are not enough to charge under load
  • In comparison to previous cases from Apple, one feature is missing, there's no button on the battery to quickly snap photos

Conclusion: Convenient – With Numerous Disadvantages
All in all, there's not a whole lot of excitement concerning this new Apple product, and rightly so to a certain degree. Although many praise the battery pack's convenience and design, the battery offers little added value in comparison to other alternatives. For example, an external cable battery offers a much greater charging capacity at a much lower price – great for those who frequently travel and don't always have time to sit down and charge their device fully. The iPhone 12's weight is doubled by the battery pack and it increases the device's height by a factor of more than 2 (7.4mm to 11mm). In addition, there's only one option for color – white, which doesn't produce much visual harmony with the iPhone's housing. For most customers, the device can only be recommended under specific circumstances, especially since wireless charging comes with several disadvantages. Thus, a good deal of consideration should be done before shelling out US$99.00 for a battery pack.

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