Wednesday, Jun 30, 2021, 18:40 iOS: Hardware

The iPhone 13: A 360º View – Dummy Model Showcases The Device's Housing

Given the current hype surrounding all things Apple, it's been almost impossible for the company to keep new iPhones a secret up until the announcement. Especially when it comes to a mass-produced product with multiple parties involved in the assembly line production process – at least a few details will slip through the cracks every time, giving the public a decent idea of the next big Apple product. Apple's competitors don't necessarily take any special interest in hardware leaks, but accessory manufacturers do for sure – in order to get ahead of the competition and develop as many accessories as possible. For exactly this reason, dummy iPhones of the next upcoming model can be found in circulation months before the start of sales – they're exact copies of the coming product, only without any functionality. Now, new photos of an iPhone 13 dummy have popped up – giving us the device's exact dimensions.

Multiple Photos Of An iPhone 13 Replica
The photos were spread by the leaker DuanRui. He clarifies that the photos are obviously not of an actual iPhone 13 but rather a model of the upcoming phone. However, Apple accessory manufacturers can use the dummy as a basis for developing future accessories for the next generation of iPhones (think cases and screen protectors). In the past, such dummies have proven to have almost the exact same dimensions as the final product, although the final product can look slightly different at times. An important example of this is the back of the phone – where only the dimensions of the entire camera module are of interest to the accessory manufacturer and not the individual dimensions nor arrangement of each camera.



Smaller Notch – Same Design Language
There's a smaller notch to the dummy model, which otherwise maintains the same dimensions as the previous iPhone 12. Since CAD sketches were already leaked during an earlier phase of development, it's already been possible for a while to finish and develop replicas. There are two different versions as per the pictures above – differentiated by the number of cameras. The two versions consist of a regular iPhone and the Pro model variant. As DanRui stressed, these replicas are from a model maker who produced models of the iPhone 12 with the exact same dimensions of the actual iPhone 12 on release.

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