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The iPhone: An Almost Unchallenged Market Leader In the USA

Series and films produced in the USA frequently show iPhones. This isn't only due to product placement or a choice preference for particularly fancy smartphones – it's also quite simply due to the product's popularity in The States. Whereas Android clearly dominates the markets of some larger European countries such as Germany, the situation is quite different in the US – where the iPhone is the market leader, irrespective of age group. Current market data even confirms the trend and shows that Apple remains the clear leader of the market – a statement which also applies to iOS, given that there is only one smartphone that runs iOS, and this is even despite the large number of manufacturers producing Android smartphones.

Android Initially In 1st Place Until The iPhone Caught Up
A quick look back: It's well known that the iPhone hit the market before the first Android smartphones. Due to the large wave of significantly cheaper Android devices flooding the market, Apple quickly lost its lead in the smartphone market. It was feared that the iPhone was set to meet the same fate and following the development path of a previous occurrence in the computer market. Back then, Windows (from version 3.11 to Windows 95) pushed the Mac into a niche market and by the early 2000s the Mac held a lower than 2 percent share.



Fears Assuaged
In the United States at least, things have ended up developing quite differently. Since the product's initial break onto the smartphone market, the iPhone and iOS have continued to climb upwards. Whereas the iPhone held an only 29% share in 2012, with Android just barely holding onto its 50%, Apple has now been at the head of the pack for over an entire year. Android held itself relatively constant between 2013 and 2018, and growth to the iOS platform came at the expense of RIM and Blackberry, as well as other discontinued platforms.

Development of the Numbers – Source: Statista

iPhone In 1st Place In US – By A Significant Margin
According to the most recent data from Canalys, Apple grew by 19% within the span of one year. The entire market also grew as well, which is why the outcome resulted in an "only" 6% increase to Cupertino's market share. Accordingly, Apple holds a 51% share, clearly putting it in first place, followed by Samsung with 27%, and Lenovo with 10%.

According to Canalys, the high sales numbers were achievable due to manufacturers working with very large discounts – something which does not, however, apply to Apple's tactics. Even after months on the market, the iPhone 13 remains so sought after that there is almost no reason for competition over price. Google witnessed the largest growth in percentage (+380%). However, a quick look at the overall numbers reveals a humbler picture, with an only 3% share in the market. In the European market, the iPhone held a humble lead during the Christmas of 2021, but Android's back at the front with 65% currently.

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