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The iPhone SE 2022 – Third Generation Of The Most Affordable iPhone

The first generation iPhone SE released in March 2016, however, it wasn't ever very successful according to sales numbers. The only Apple device to ever receive poorer sales numbers was the failed iPhone 5c – although the latter was able to accrue a decent niche following in the forums. Things changed in 2020 when the second generation iPhone SE was released, relying on the exterior design of the iPhone 8. Considerably larger sales numbers were achieved without the newest budget iPhone competing for the sales of the more high-end models. Market studies at the time revealed that Apple attracted many users with much older iPhones, such as say the iPhone 6, who had gone a while without upgrading their phone.

iPhone SE 2022 – The Most Important Information
At Apple's "Peek Performance" event, the third generation iPhone SE had its first official appointment in the limelight. Cupertino continues to refer to the third generation model as simply the iPhone "SE". The designation "iPhone SE 3" seen on many news sites and forums is not part of Apple's own description or title of the product. The iPhone SE "3" is outwardly no different from its predecessor – the device's housing still stems from the iPhone 8. This means that there is no Face ID and the device continues to use the old Touch ID for unlocking the device. On the inside, however, there have been a few changes.



The device relies on the A15 chip for performance, or the same chip as the current iPhone 13. This means more than simply pure computational power. The A15 in the iPhone SE will also provide a faster and more powerful neural engine to the phone and thus more processing power for image enhancement (or computational photography) – just like the iPhone 13. Additionally, the most recent affordable iPhone now comes equipped with 5G – without any negative impact on the device's battery life, in fact, Apple states that battery life has been considerably improved.

Pricing & Availability
Apple will start delivering the device next week on the 18th, with preorders starting this Friday. For those interested – don't wait too long or else you'll likely experience significant delays in delivery, although delivery estimates are currently not that long. The new iPhone SE costs at least US$429 – a US$30 increase in price since the last generation, likely due to the expensive 5G chip.

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