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The iPod shuffle – A Fashion Accessory? Device Celebrates Its Comeback

Until the dawn of the smartphone era, beginning with the release of the first iPhone in 2007, and even a few years after – MP3 players were the device most commonly seen on the streets. Countless manufacturers offered a multitude of such devices in all sorts of different conceivable sizes, shapes, colors, and price classes. Of course, Cupertino also had its own version starting in 2001, with the release of the first iPod. More models quickly followed, including the displayless iPod shuffle – which Apple put on the market in 2005.

MP3 Players Recently Died Out
Nowadays, MP3 players are all but out of commission. The only companies still offering any are mostly unknown Chinese manufacturers. Apple does indeed continue to sell the iPod Touch, however, this device is really just an iPhone without cellular capabilities – and thus a fully-fledged handheld computer. Surprisingly, a very popular iPod (which is no longer even being produced) is celebrating some "newfound" love. The second generation iPod shuffle is currently flaunting a comeback on TikTok – although this isn't for its intended purpose as an MP3 player.



The iPod shuffle Has Become... A Fashion Hairclip?
For a few weeks now, mostly female TikTok users have uploaded short clips of themselves using the iPod shuffle as a fashion accessory. Mostly the 2006 second generation iPod shuffle is used in the videos, where it is used as a hair clip. In the device's days, it was available in multiple pastel colors, the iPod shuffle stands out clearly amidst the clipped hair. Many TikTok users have then also connected wired headphones to the device to then use it for its intended purpose, whilst also using it as a fashion accessory/hair clip.

More Than 2 Million Views & 350,000 Likes
The new fashion trend may be difficult to stop. Countless videos can now be found on TikTok, where the iPod shuffle is used in the manner described above. One of the short clips has already been viewed more than 2 million times and racked up 350,000 likes. However, there's also been some push back and a little bit of fun had with the new trend. As per 9to5Mac, some TikTok users have taken shots at the trend by uploading videos where they take an iPod shuffle to "help desks" and ironically ask for help figuring out what the device even is.

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