Thursday, Dec 17, 2020, 15:59 iOS: Hardware

This Spring: a new, lighter iPad with a better display and more storage?

It’s been awhile now since Apple has published any sales figures—with barely any concrete information circulating as to how individual series within a product family are performing market-wise. In the past, however, Apple has indicated that the base model of iPad has been a very sought after product. After the iPad sector of Apple began upon its years long drop in sales, the basic iPad rose to the top as the big seller in the iPad family, turning around sales numbers (in terms of quantity at least). Apple’s production strategy for the base version of the iPad has been to use reasonably current chips (normally 1-2 years old) and the classic design (with the home button and heftier frame). Compared to an iPad Air or iPad Pro it comes across as a little stale, but the price-performance ratio is extremely good.



Bigger display, more storage, and a lighter frame
According to a report from China, Apple is planning a new edition of the base model iPad for this coming spring. Amongst other things, the display should be changed a bit, with the diagonal measurement increasing from 10.2" to 10.5" — still a bit smaller than the current iPad Air. In addition, the specifications should be improved, as henceforth it’ll be built with a minimum of 64 GB of storage.

At the moment, there are two options for the base iPad, either 32 GB or a more expensive 128GB. Nothing will change with respects to the biometric fingerprint authentication, as Face ID remains exclusive to the more expensive models. A few grams should be shaved off the weight, although the report doesn’t provide an exact number.

What’s definitely noteworthy is the planned date of release. The 8th generation base model iPad will only be half a year old come spring. The last update to the series wasn’t too long ago either, after getting upgraded to the A12 processor. To see a new edition with the A13 processor would mean a terribly short sales period for the base model 8th generation iPad.

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