Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 15:36 Mac: Hardware

Three New Mac Studio Device Variants? Clues Appear In Hardware ID

The Mac Studio is currently the top performing Mac in the lineup. The device, released in the spring, comes with some of the best performance on the market thanks to its M1 Ultra chip. The device is only outperformed in the graphics sector by ultra high-end, dedicated graphics cards — even Intel based Macs with high-end graphics cards can‘t keep up with the M1 Ultra. The powerful, Apple Silicon-based chip consists of a combination of two M1 Max chips, totalling up to 20 CPU cores and 64 GPU cores. In terms of Apple‘s internal naming system for the Mac Studio, found deep within its hardware coding, the device is simply known as “Mac”. Both variants of the Mac Studio are individually named Mac13.1 (M1 Max) and Mac13.2 (M1 Ultra).

Unusually Early Reference To Successor
Interestingly enough, despite the recent release of the current Mac Studio, there's already reference to the a follow up. This doesn't usually happen until at least a few months before the start of sales of a new model, which would be somewhat unlikely in this case given the recent release of the Mac Studio. A developer by the name of Pierre Blazquez just discovered the following hardware IDs:



  • Mac14.5
  • Mac14.6
  • Mac14.8

The current Mac Pro is referred to in internal hardware IDs as "MacPro7.1", the Mac mini as "Macmini9.1", whereas the current iMac M1 is "iMac 21.1" and the MacBook Pro is "MacBookPro17.1". It's very likely that the recently discovered hardware ID citations represent a new model of the Mac Studio in three variants. Likely, the chip variants will include Max, Ultra, and a rumored version consisting of two combined Ultra processors. The latter should make its debut as an M2-based chip in the Mac Pro – once the highly awaited device finally makes the transition to Apple Silicon. The potential name of the rumored chip is still unknown. There were no mentions found of any "Mac14.1" up to "Mac14.4".

No Further Details Known, Yet Timing Is Noteworthy
Despite the new information, there's no relevant context from which any concrete information canbe derived. Although it's not abnormal for there to be strings referencing upcoming features of platforms, this instance concerns three IDs for as of yet unreleased Macs. As stated, the abnormal timing of the event is noteworthy, although no one predicts a followup to the Mac Studio until the spring of 2023. Given that both the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro carry different codes, excluding the possibility that these IDs refer to one of these devices.

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