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Three New Macs Pop Up In Regulatory Database – New Macs This March?

It isn't likely to take much more time until the next Apple event is upon us. Yet again, we're set to receive another staged Apple presentation. According to Bloomberg, the Keynote will take place in about three weeks. On the 8th of March, Apple may show off its latest set of products. In addition to a new iPhone, it's more or less certain that Cupertino will also release some updated iPads. However, there's some uncertainty when it comes to the next set of Mac computers. Just recently, three new Mac models popped up in the Eurasion Economic Commission's regulatory database. It's possible that Apple could present all three devices on the occasion of the March 8th event.

Three New Macs – One Of Which Is Portable
As per Consomac, there are three new entries into the EEC's regulatory database – all of which would, of course, be delivered with a fresh installation of macOS Monterey. The reference numbers for the three devices are A2615, A2686 and A2681. The number A2681 represents a "portable" computer – meaning that we can be more or less certain that we are getting a new MacBook Air. Industry insiders speculate, and rightly so, that Apple will be gifting the MacBook Air M1 an update and some new hardware one and a half years after the original Apple Silicon MacBook Air's release. Additionally, the next MacBook Air is also expected to carry an entirely new design. There isn't any more specific information to be found in the database – but the other two devices are very likely a more powerful Mac mini and a 27" iMac with an Apple Silicon ARM chip called: The iMac Pro.



iPhone SE 3 & iPad Air 5 Likely In March
Another likely stage presence is the iPhone SE 3 – with a new chip and 5G. Some recent entries into the EEC also point to a next-gen iPhone SE. Those hoping for a Mac Pro with an ARM processor may have to be patient for a little longer. The Mac Pro is expected to be the last addition to the Apple Silicon ranks, and to officially mark the end of the Intel era for the Mac.

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