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Tim Cook's Salary – and What the Rest of the Management Team Earns

A great deal of interesting information has emerged from Apple's yearly report, in addition to the salaries of CEOs. It's important to keep in mind that these numbers only concern salaries and bonus payments and not stock compensation, which normally exceeds the regular salary, but isn't handed out every year. According to reports, Tim Cook entered the billionaire club last year – something which surely wasn't possible with his base pay of "only" $3 million USD a year. Official data as of last summer states that Tim Cook held $400 million USD in Apple stock, with previous sales bringing in more than $600 million USD.



Cooks Salary in 2020
In accordance with the bonus for the company's economic performance in the past year, Tim Cook received an addition of $10.7 million USD to his standard salary of $3 million USD. After receiving an additional $1 million USD in compensation, his final salary was $14.76 million USD or about $3 million USD more than last year and $900,000 USD less than in 2018. For not having taken vacation he also received $115,385 USD. At this point in his career, it's well known that Cook considers an afternoon in the wellness salon to be enough vacation.

Salaries of Apple's Executives
Apple's base salary for Senior Vice Presidents is $1 million USD – with a bonus of $3.6 million USD in 2020. Stock compensation accounts for the majority of an Apple executive's salary. With securities worth $21.7 million USD, Senior VP and CFO Lucas Maestri, General Counsel and Senior VP of Legal and Global Security Kate Adams, COO Jeff Williams, and Senior VP of Retail and People Deidre O'Brien all getting a little more than $26 million USD in compensation. In this respect Apple's Senior VPs actually managed to earn more than their CEO, however only in this respective time frame. Were more years to be taken into account then Tim Cook would still be considered the top earner at Apple.

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