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Tip: How To Prevent Automatic Updates From iOS 14 to iOS 15

Not all owners of an iPhone or iPad download operating system updates immediately after they are released. For various reasons, some users of a smartphone or tablet from Cupertino prefer to wait and stay with an older version for a certain time or even permanently. Until a few months ago, this proved to be difficult, because Apple penetratingly requested an upcoming update in the settings with the well-known "red one" or even installed it automatically.

iPhone owners can decide themselves about update
In the past, many people who were unwilling to update found this annoying. Apple therefore already changed the update mechanism in iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. Since then, owners of iPhones and iPads can decide for themselves when they want to install a "major" new version of the operating system. Unlike all previous versions, this has no negative impact on the supply of security patches. Apple even delivers security patches for older versions that are still supported, if the user does without a major update. The behavior can be configured in the system settings, but Apple has hidden the option a bit and named it not too intuitively.

Configuration in the system settings.
If you do not want a major update of iOS or iPadOS for the time being or permanently, you should proceed as follows:

1. open System Preferences.
2. tap on the "General" option.
3. select "Software update"
4. tap on "Automatic updates"
4. deactivate "Install iOS updates"
5. additionally, turn off the "Download iOS updates" option if no automatic download is desired.



After these steps have been completed, the iPhone or iPad will only show updates for the version installed on the device by default. A new major update is indicated separately in the lower area of the display. The update is only triggered after the user taps on it; there is no automatic download. However, the smartphone or tablet must run at least iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5. The described procedure is apparently not necessary in all cases to prevent automatic updates to iOS 15. At least two devices from the mTechNews editorial team were already offered the new version as an optional update without any special intervention.

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