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Tip: How To Set Which HomePod Siri Should Use

Unlike other smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, Apple's HomePods don't take into consideration the distance from the user when a voice command is issued to Apple's voice assistant Siri. For owners of multiple Amazon or Google smart speakers, the smart speaker closest to the user will respond – however, only the HomePod that was activated first will respond to "Hey Siri" commands in the case of Apple's smart speakers.

HomePods Don't Take Distance Into Consideration
As long as a user only owns one HomePod, the aforementioned problem isn't an issue. However, since the advent of the extremely popular HomePod mini, it's no longer that uncommon for households to own more than one Apple smartspeaker. In such cases it's not an uncommon occurrence for users to say, "Hey Siri", only to have a HomePod in an entirely different section of the house respond to the command. This is especially annoying when music is ordered to be played only for it to end up playing in an entirely different room.



How to Set The Primary HomePod
Unfortunately, the primary HomePod that responds to Siri requests can't be set via either iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Additionally, there's no information concerning how to do so on Apple's support site, however, it's incredibly easy to do. Simply place a finger on the upper side of the speaker, waking up Siri without the use of a voice command. Then, simply ask the smart speaker a question such as, "How is the weather today?" From now onwards, the HomePod that was spoken to by manually activating Siri will be set to function as the primary HomePod.

Setting Is Occasionally "Forgotten"
Sometimes the HomePod that was manually set as "primary" will "forget" that it is now supposed to respond to "Hey Siri" inquiries and other voice commands, meaning that the aforementioned procedure needs to be repeated. The same applies when setting another HomePod to be the primary. It remains to be seen whether or not Apple will release an update to remedy this problem in the near future.

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