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Tip: How To Use The iPhone 12's Night Mode With Portrait Photos

"A new day for Night Mode" is one of the many marketing slogans on Apple's page for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max and advertises the smartphone's new and improved "Night Mode" – which allows for better quality photos in low-light conditions. Both flagship models of the iPhone 12 (Pro & Pro Max) are equipped with the LiDAR scanner required for the feature. The scanner is responsible for focusing and measuring depth during image capture, whilst the iPhone 12's A14 bionic chip is responsible for optimizing the image to calculate the bokeh.

Automatic & Manual Activation Of Night Mode Possible
In Apple's Camera app, a few settings have to be tinkered with in order to take advantage of the "Night Mode" feature. After starting the "Camera" app, select Portrait Mode by swiping left or right on the bar below the image preview until the feature is highlighted in yellow text. Next, turn off flash on the top left corner of the display, in case it's still active. The Camera app will now automatically switch to Night Mode if the right low-light conditions are met (if it's not too bright out). The setting can also be activated manually by tapping on a crescent moon symbol. However, if it's to bright to be of use, Night Mode will simply refuse to activate.



Source: MacRumors

Adjustable Exposure Time
When Night Mode has been manually activated, the exposure time can be set. This is done with a slider directly above the capture button. When Night Mode is set to automatically activate on the other hand, the Camera app will determine the appropriate length of exposure time itself. This can be further adjusted via tapping on the moon symbol under the live picture preview. In the eventuality that the iPhone 12 is attached to a tripod with a gyro sensor, exposure time can be extended to up to 30 seconds. However, this setting should only be chosen when the subject of the photo is an immobile object and not a person or animal. To finally take the photo, simply press the normal capture button and the iPhone 12, Camera app, and A14 bionic chip will take care of the rest.

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