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Toyota CEO's Advice For The Apple Car +++ And Is Apple Bringing Foxconn & Magna Onboard?

The Apple Car hasn't been causing BMW's board to lose sleep. VW CEO, Herbert Diess, is equally unconcerned about the car's development. Nissan alternates between interest and disinterest in the project, and Hyundai/Kia continue talks with Apple – still with no result.

Industry Expects Apple's Entry
The increasing number of reactions to the Apple Car from established automobile companies proves one thing: The industry expects the market entry of an automobile from Apple in the foreseeable future. Some CEOs have more information about the car's development than others – after all, large automobile corporations are extremely well connected.



Akio Toyoda: Cars Require Decades Of Commitment
Only a few days after his colleagues in Germany, Toyota CEO, Akio Toyoda, discussed the Apple Car in an interview with The Wall Street Journal – stating, "Anyone can make a car if they have the technical ability, but, once they make a car, I hope they’ll recognize they have to steel themselves for 40 years of responding to customers and to various changes".

Over 40 Years Of Responsibility
Toyoda views the tech-world's entry into the automotive-world to be a good sign, as it signals future viability for the industry. However, in the event of an Apple Car, Apple and other corporations would have an over 40-year obligation to their prospective customers. Associated obligations reach far beyond the production period and service life, take for example vehicle disposal.

Will Foxconn & Magna Manufacture The Apple Car?
It's becoming increasingly unlikely that Apple will team up with an established member of the automotive industry such as Kia or Hyundai in order to produce the Apple Car. Although talks with Hyundai/Kia haven't ended entirely, cooperation is apparently harder than expected. According to Bloomberg, Cupertino is even considering a contract manufacturer for the production of the Apple Car. Foxconn and Magna are under consideration. While the Canadian-Austrian supplier Magna already has several long years worth of experience in the automotive industry under its belt, Apple's Taiwanese partner Foxconn is just beginning to expand into the field. Apple could also cooperate with the Chinese manufacturer Byton, which is producing a new electric car for the US-based company Fisker.

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