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TrendForce: Current Market Share of M1 Macs and other Manufacturers

The new M1 Macs haven't been on sale for long, Apple first began sales in November. According to current numbers from TrendForce, prevalence of the M1 Macs is still relatively low due to the short time on the market. Despite this, the they already accounted for 0.8% of the notebook/laptop market by the end of 2020. TrendForce anticipates better numbers this year, predicting that the new M1 Macs will encompass 7% of the market. Without mentioning numbers from last year, this is an improvement. For comparison: All laptops/notebooks with AMD processors are predicted to account for 20% of the market. Conversely, it's apparent how much ground Intel has lost in the last few years. The "Zen+" architechture has meant growth for AMD, as last year Intel's competitor was at 11.4%.



Growth into 2021
TrendForce adds that it's difficult to make any concrete prognosis on account of the current market's difficult sitation. Despite this, the market expert is still sure that a significant amount of growth is possible for the notebook/laptop market in 2021. It might be difficult to attain the 22% of growth seen between the years 2019 and 2020, but there's still an expected growth of 8.6%. This means that about 217 million notebooks/laptops will be sold by the end of 2021. In the education sector, Chromebooks are profiting the most, with a previous market share of 14.8%, they should see a climb to 18.5% in 2021.

Windws to See a Decrease
The market share of Windows has sunk to less than 80% and TrendForce considers a reversal of this trend in the near future to be unlikely. Long term values are likely to even out at around 70-75% for Windows, 15-20% for ChromeOS, and maximum 10% for MacOS. The demand for notebooks and laptops has also changed considerably. As a result of the large numbers of video conferences, customers are searching for devices with better cameras, speakers, and microphones. HP, Dell, and Lenovo are examples of manufacturers attempting to meet these new demands by adapting products.

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