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"Unleashed" – Apple Announces Mac Event

The first fall event took place a few weeks ago, and Apple is now inviting people to another product presentation. While September was mainly about new iPhones, the Mac will most likely be in the spotlight at the upcoming event. Apple chose October 18 at 10 a.m. California time. Once again, this is not a large event with an audience, but rather the now well known form of a pre-produced video. The title of the October event is "Unleashed." As always, there is also an individual event graphic, although this time, apart from "lots of speed!", few conclusions can be drawn from the design.

Expected innovations of the event
One announcement in particular ranks high on the wish list and is also considered the most likely topic: the successor to the MacBook Pro 16", but this time with Apple chips rather than Intel. At the same time, the MacBook Pro 13" could also be replaced and will probably give way to a 14" variant with thinner edges around the display.

If you believe previous reports, there could be a massive increase in computing and graphics performance. The number of performance cores is likely to double, other reports even spoke of configurations with a total of 6 cores. If you look at the current delivery times, the MacBook Pro 16" is largely out of stock - this was already considered a clear indication of imminent innovations.



While an M1X-based Mac mini was also being talked about, it will probably take quite a while until the successor of the iMac 27". Bloomberg had reported some time ago that Apple was aiming for the transition of the large iMac as well as the Mac Pro for the end of 2022. Thus, there would be exactly two years between the first M1 Mac and the discontinuation of the last Intel Mac. Apple's plans for a MacBook Air with an M2 chip were also reported in several reports. However, this is expected for spring 2022, not for the upcoming event.

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