Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021, 18:03 Hardware

Unreleased iMac With ARM Chip Discovered in Logs

Apple stopped production of the iMac Pro this month, officially burying the product – an occurrence which many saw to be proof of a coming M1 iMac. This came at the same time as the availability of the 21.5" iMac also began to dwindle. According to reports, Apple plans to cease the production of multiple configurations. Both of these decisions seem to point to an updated iMac not too far off in the future. In which case, one improvement is for sure – the integration of Apple's new M1 chip. Further production of Intel-based models is highly unlikely. Now, another indication of a soon-to-come M1 iMac has arisen.

Apple Crash Report Mentions Unknown Mac
The closer a system or hardware product is to being ready for the market, the more practical the testing phase – and often times this leads to something news of innovations slipping through the cracks. In the current case, this takes the form of a crash log, describing an unknown Mac. Developer Dennis Oberhof shows what an interesting crash report he found via Apple Crash Reporter. The log documents an iMac with an ARM processor running macOS 11.2.1. As such a device is currently non-existent (at least the general public), it's likely that this report was generated during tests on a preproduction iMac. The rest of the report also specifically refers to the ARM 64 platform, which eliminates any possibility of the report being a display error.



Crash Log from an unknown iMac.

No March Event?
Given that Apple still hasn't sent out any invitations, a March event towards the end of this month has become increasingly unlikely. However, all signs still point to an update to the iMac, with or without an event. Although reports indicate that there's still quite a wait until the MacBook Pro receives the M1 treatment, the 21.5" iMac could get the new chip as early as this spring – although there's still some speculation that Apple might be planning the release of both at the same time, which would mean a wait until this summer or fall.

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