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Update To macOS 11.2.1 Fixes Serious Bug

Apple releases macOS 11.2.1 last week and it's one that is highly recommended for all Big Sur users. The update took care of several errors within Intel graphics drivers and eliminated the "sudo" bug, which hackers could abuse to gain root access to a foreign computer. However, one bug wasn't fixed. An update to macOS Big Sur could result in complete data loss. Now, Apple is stepping up to fix it.

Data Loss Bug
Some of those upgrading to macOS Big Sur from a previous macOS were caught by a nasty surprise: the macOS 11 installation program didn't check if the user had enough space on their drive before installing the upgrade, leading to failed installations – which are annoying, but not as dramatic as the data loss suffered by some owners of Macs with T2 chips and active FileVault 2 encryption which refused to accept any password during recovery mode after the failed installation. These users needed to undergo drastic measures, such as deleting all data or reinstalling macOS entirely.



macOS 11.2.1: New Build
According to Mr. Macintosh, Apple released an updated version of macOS 11.2.1 with the build number 20D75 last evening. The new version fixes the bug encountered by the 1st release, where the installer wouldn't check if the computer had enough remaining drive space before upgrading the OS. Now, users who still haven't installed macOS Big Sur can do so without thinking twice. The new build can only be installed by users who haven't installed the old version. Those who have installed the old version either did not encounter the data-loss bug due to having sufficient drive space or encountered it and were forced to upgrade to a fresh installation of the previous macOS 11.2.1. Along with the release of a new macOS Big Sur build, came watchOS 7.3.1, which brings fixes to charging difficulties encountered by the Watch SE and Series 5 Apple Watches.

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