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Video: Dummy Of The iPhone 13 Pro Max From All Angles

Apple is naturally very cautious about revealing specifications of not yet released products to anyone. This sometimes goes so far that even engineers in early project phases do not know which product they are working on. For suppliers of accessories, it is mission-critical to come up with suitable accessories directly when new hardware is released. Those who are not part of Apple's inner circle of confidants have to take other paths. A large part of the product leaks in the months before a new iPhone generation is announced, can be traced back to the fact that individual components were stolen from the preparatory manufacturing process. Long before the start of production, Apple's manufacturers already have to prepare for the new challenges and therefore receive concrete information.

Exact dimensions long known
There are solvent buyers for stolen components - not so much in the form of direct competitors, but from the aforementioned warehouse of accessory manufacturers. Using schematic drawings or even components, it is possible to make product dummies and then develop accessories to fit exactly on the basis of these replicas. As has been shown over the last ten years, the housing dimensions were therefore always known in advance. The only difference between the final products and the dummies was the camera - but that doesn't matter for the intended use, because the dimensions of the camera part are crucial, not the design.



The iPhone 13 Pro Max from all sides.
The design of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is also already largely known. A YouTuber ordered an iPhone 13 dummy and shows from all angles, which design we can expect from autumn. The differences to the iPhone 12 Pro Max are subtle, but still noticeable. As reported several times, the notch on the front shrinks, although Apple still cannot completely do without it. The dimensions of the three cameras increase once again, presumably due to the expected larger sensor. As mentioned, this is not necessarily the final design as the dummy only shows which area is reserved for the cameras. The same applies for surface structures, because as soon as they do not affect the accessories, such details are not found in the dummies.

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