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Video: How To Change AirPod Batteries Yourself (With A Little Handiwork)

Similar to many other wireless headphones, the Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro have a very limited shelf life – one entirely determined by the length of their battery-life. Most wireless headphones aren't designed with a battery-change in mind and are meant to be discarded once their battery-life has reached its end – and the AirPods are no exception. Due to this, Apple doesn't even offer repair services for Apple AirPods, instead, defective headphones are simply swapped out for a new pair (which isn't exactly the cheapest option post-warranty).

Video: How To Change AirPod Batteries Yourself
Those with the courage to experiment, enough time, steady hands, and experience with soldering irons as well as other "fine" tools, can perform swap out an old pair of batteries on the AirPods themselves. Experts of Hong Kong-based repair and support company Rewa Technology have released a video with instructions on how to replace the batteries yourself. The video covers everything needed and provides step-by-step instructions for the successful replacement of the AirPods' batteries.

Adhesive And Any Remaining Residue Need To Be Removed
The first hurdle in replacing the batteries is opening the AirPods. As the AirPods are sealed with adhesive, a hot air gun is needed. Special attention needs to be paid to the temperature of the gun (exact specifications are given in the video). Then, any remaining adhesive needs to be carefully removed with a set of tweezers (a little bit of ethanol can be of help). The experts at Rewa Technology use a special holder for the AirPods while they work, but a small vice-grip with padded jaws should do the trick.



A Steady Hand Needed For The Soldering Iron
For the removal of the batteries, a soldering iron and flux will be needed, and of course a steady hand. The same goes for the installation of the new set of batteries, we recommend protecting the housing of the AirPods with aluminum foil. Before putting the end cap back on, you should put the AirPods back into their charging case to ensure that the charging process takes place and the new batteries have been successfully installed. A list of the required tools and materials can be found in the YouTube video's description.

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