Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 15:36 iOS: Hardware

Video: iPhone 14 Pro Max From All Sides – Leaked Dummy Model

Almost every year a few months before even the official presentation of the next iPhone, images of components or even complete replicas of the next model pop up. The purpose of a company producing such "dummy models" is not for tech-interested readers of sites like our own, rather – it's important for 3rd party accessory manufacturers to have a physical model to use as a base to design their products so that these are available at the point of the device's release. As such, these 3rd party manufacturers get their products on the shelves as quickly as possible and Apple benefits from the process second hand by not encouraging customers to wait on a purchase of the next model until their favorite accessories are available. In the past, the dimensions of the mockups have corresponded more or less exactly to those of the release model – although in the past, some models have undergone a slight appearance change prior to release. On the back of the dummy, it's only the dimension of the entire camera module that matters for 3rd party companies, not the individual arrangement or orientation of each individual camera.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Gets Thicker – Cameras Included
History repeats itself yet again in 2022 as YouTuber "UnboxTheory" becomes yet again one of the first dummy customers. Yes, there have already been countless images and renderings posted online, but now that a look at the first dummy has been released – we're all able to get a much better look. Only the most knowledgeable Apple connoisseur will recognize any difference at all when looking at the iPhone 14 Pro Max from the side. The trend thus far, that Apple products get thinner every year, seems to have met its end. The iPhone 14 is slightly thicker (+0.2mm) and the camera module is half a millimeter thicker. The true novelties are on the front of the device, however, although these are only apparent when the device's display is on.



New Front Sensors & Cameras
As should already be apparent to any who has already seen the leaked schematics and renderings of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the tiny recess known as the "notch" at the top of the front of the device has disappeared. Instead, there's now a front camera with Face ID sensors directly in the display below. However, this new change is only for Pro models, such as the device in question, according to all current reports. Although the large black spot has disappeared, not much comes from it, since the usable display area is still exactly the same. How exactly the new "pill and hole punch" will feel in everyday use in comparison to the notch remains to be seen. The dummy model contains no internal hardware, making the display untestable.

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