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Videos: 2022 MacBook Air M2 Renderings – Custom Made macOS Big Sur Handheld Device

Another rendering of the 2022 MacBook Air M2 has been added to the renderings collection of upcoming Apple products. As indicated by multiple sources, Apple is going to utilize a similar colour set to that of the recent 24" iMac with M1. Different from some other renderings, similarities between this rendering of the 2022 MacBook Air and the current design of the iPhone/iPad are apparent. According to these renderings, the wedge form of the current MacBook Air is replaced by symmetrical housing with flat sides.

MacBook Air 2022 With M2
There are plenty of minute details in the video, just like in an actual product presentation from Apple. The key with the fingerprint sensor isn't only shown, but the entire key is animated in the video – revealing all of its interior parts. According to a leaker in a recent report, Apple is planning to release the M2 in the next MacBook Air in the first half of 2022.

Self-Made macOS Handheld Device Running Big Sur
Before the first iPad had been released, there were some rumors of a handheld "Mac Tablet" circulating. It was considered highly likely that Apple would equip the device with Mac OS X, thus creating a type of Mac. As we all know quite well now, things turned out quite differently – as iPads are really more like large iPhones than small Macs, although that has changed some recently with the added mouse functionality, Magic Keyboard, and the expected changes to the iPadOS file system. YouTube user and content creator iketsj made a video of the "First DIY" macOS handheld device. The project involved adapting a handheld PC and installing macOS Big Sur onto it. Regardless of how practical this device might be, Ike T. Sangay has certainly created an interesting one-of-a-kind device here.



Handheld Device's Specs
The device is equipped with a Core m3 with 8GB of RAM on an Arduino Leonardo board. The macOS Big Sur installation took place on 240GB SSD and then our tinkerer created a new housing for the device with the help of a 3D printer. All in all, the little handheld device actually ends up costing more than a Mac mini, although the project wasn't about creating an inexpensive handheld Mac device. According to Ike concerning his project, "What would the fun be in buying a finished Mac?" The fact that the tiny display isn't suitable for productive use of macOS Big Sur also isn't of concern – the device wasn't designed to be an office computer.

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