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WWDC 2021 – More Interesting Tidbits From The Event

In the 100 minutes of the pre-recorded event video, Apple covered a variety of major and minor topics. In this report, we present a few more important points that were not mentioned in the previous main reports or only became known afterwards.

Temporarily more free iCloud storage.
Apple did not increase the free iCloud storage, which remains at a meager 5 GB by default, but there is a new feature. Those who get a new device and want to transfer the data via iCloud will receive a "temporary" bonus. More storage is available for three weeks, but Apple did not mention whether there is an upper limit.

No update "compulsion" to iOS 15
The time is over when update refusals led to incessant inquiries from the system as to when and how one would finally switch to the new system version. This statement is at least true for major updates, because optionally the user can also specify to stay with iOS 14. In this case, there are only security updates, but no regular reminders about iOS 15.



Xcode Cloud.
Later this year, the cloud service to Xcode is expected to launch, currently Apple is only preparing the "limited beta". Xcode Cloud makes it possible to compile code in the cloud - when working together on a project, everyone can see the changes.

HomePod mini in Austria
The HomePod is officially coming to Austria before the end of the year, and Apple is also planning to launch sales in Italy, Ireland, and New Zealand. There is still no information on the specific date, however, it is probably to assume a fall date.

tvOS with SharePlay
Apple didn't devote quite as much space to the Apple TV, instead there were statements scattered throughout the event. New to tvOS 15 is, among other things, support for SharePlay to share "remote video evening", also support for 3D audio, Lossless Audio and use of the HomePod mini as a speaker of the Apple TV.

Health: walking analysis and warning.
The Apple Watch has been able to detect a serious fall for some time now, but from now on it will also be able to give a warning beforehand - if the analysis data indicates that all is no longer well with the way the user is walking. Apple also wants to make it easier to understand data stored in the Health app.

Revised developer policies.
Apple adjusted some points of the terms and conditions for developers, for example, there are improved complaint options if a provider feels unfairly treated. Reporting potentially harmful apps to Apple is also now easier.

Public betas in a month
Developers were already able to download the first beta versions of the new systems directly afterwards. However, Apple has already commented on the public beta as well. Those who participate in the public test program can do so in about a month - according to Apple, the time will come in July. The final versions are to be released "in the fall", as usual.

Microphone privacy.
The control center of macOS Monterey shows which apps have accessed the microphone - in addition, there is also a live indicator as soon as the microphone is active.

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