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WWDC 2022: The Most Important Expected Announcements & Topics

Apple held its first "Worldwide Developers Conference" all the way back in 1983. In the almost 4 decades since, a lot has changed, although one thing has still remained the same – the month of June is almost always an exciting month for Apple fans. 2022 is no exception and also includes some important expectations, although it's software that's the main focus this time. Yes – there are many who are still awaiting the arrival of the M2 MacBook Air, however, iOS 16, macOS 13 and iPadOS 13 are the actors taking the center stage this go around. Throughout the rest of this report we will summarize the likely focuses for next week's event.

System Updates: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS – Certain
Apple has already confirmed that it will be releasing new versions of all upcoming systems. The most broad-reaching changes are expected to be found in iPadOS, which should be set to become slightly more "notebook-like". In the case of macOS 13, there's word of new system settings – a welcome innovation given that this feature has been present in its current iteration and mostly unchanged since Mac OS X. Additionally, there are also some reports that Apple will enable iCloud backups via Time Machine. On the other end of the device spectrum, watchOS 9 should be receiving some new health features and an improved low power mode. iOS 16 is alleged to include a reworked lock screen and "always on" features. tvOS has received comparatively little coverage and it's not currently known if there are any major changes to upcoming version of the system.



MacBook Air M2 – Especially Likely
In the fall of 2020, the MacBook Air was one of three Macs to receive Apple's new M-chips – at that time the standard M1. According to countless reports from multiple sources, the compact notebook will yet again lead the introduction to the next series of M-chips – starting the process with the standard M2. There are several indications that this should take place next week at the WWDC. Although the same leap in performance found in the difference between the former Intel processors and Apple's first M-chips is not to be expected with the progression from the M1 to the M2, the M2 is expected to come with some more power in the graphics arena – although still not surpassing the fidelity of the current M1 Pro in this regard.

Further Mac Announcements Unlikely
Although the summer is likely to see the arrival of an M2 Mac mini, and perhaps even a Mac Pro, the device isn't likely to see its first light at next week's event. A Mac Pro with its first M-chip, either M1-based or with an M2 "Ultra Plus" (as rumors would have it) is certainly not expected and we'll have to keep waiting at least a little longer according to most sources. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the iMac remains likewise unexpected and won't see an M2 version nor a hardware upgrade until the arrival of the M3.

The Apple Headset – Unlikely
A recent announcement from respected Apple leaker Ming Chi-Kuo states that any appearance of the rumored Apple Headset at this year's event is unlikely. As per the explanation, Apple is delaying the product's introduction to the public for tactical reasons. This doesn't, however, change anything as far as the product's actual, expected release date in the beginning of 2023. That being said, Apple is trying to avoid giving its competition any glimpse of the product in advance. Thus, it looks like we'll be left to wait until fall for any more official news concerning the product.

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