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Wall Street Journal: Touch ID Will Return To The iPhone 13

The need to enter a PIN whenever unlocking your handheld device is annoying. The iPhone 5s saw the introduction of the Touch ID "fingerprint" sensor. The Touch ID scanner was integrated with the home button and no extra additions to the front or back of the device were necessary for the technology to work. With the advent of the iPhone X, Touch ID found itself replaced by Face ID, which functions by scanning the face of the user and matching it with a saved facial scan to quickly allow or deny access to the device. The new Face ID was largely well-received, although there were a few who longed for a return to the days of Touch ID.

Face ID & Touch ID
For the iPad Air 4, Apple integrated the Touch ID sensor with the power button on the side of the device, so that the entire front-side could be used as a display. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to reintroduce Touch ID to the iPhone 13 in a different manner. 2 former Apple employees have confirmed the upcoming iPhone 13's parallel support for both Touch and Face ID.

Touch ID Via The Display?
As stated by the report, Touch ID won't be integrated with a button – as was the case with the iPhone 5s, rather it will be integrated into the display itself. The user will simply need to lay their finger on the display to unlock the smartphone. Allegedly, Apple plans to make this possible by using ultrasonic waves to recognize a fingerprint placed on the display.

Display Touch ID Only If Without Security Risks
One of the former Apple employees sets the following condition on the future prospects of a display version of Touch ID: Apple will only use a display version of the Touch ID technology if it is capable of providing the same level of security as the former button version of Touch ID. Should the ultrasonic supported version of the technology be easier to bypass, then Apple won't include it in the new iPhone 13. The current version of Touch ID offers a safety ratio of 1:50,000 (1 false entry for every 50,000 tries), and for Face ID, safety's even better – 1:1,000,000.



First Presentation Of The iPhone 13: This Autumn
Should Apple remain faithful to the standard yearly cycle, then the new iPhone 13 should arrive this September. Last year, the coronavirus interfered with the release date, delaying the iPhone 12 by 1 month. The iPhone 12 was first released on the 13th of October, with shipments beginning on the 23rd (for the iPhone 12/Pro) of the same month, and the 13th of November (for the iPhone 12 Pro Max/mini).

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