Wednesday, May 04, 2022, 12:43 Hardware

Webcam Test of the Studio Display: Image quality Better Now?

Since the end of April, beta versions of an Apple display operating system have also been available for the first time - namely the Studio Display Firmware 15.5. After the monitor's presentation, it quickly became known that Apple opted for a comparatively elaborate architecture, the interior design almost resembles an iMac, many components from the iPhone world are used, and an adapted version of iOS 15 is also running. However, there was already frequent criticism regarding one aspect in the early reviews, because it was heard several times that the webcam's quality was simply not appropriate in view of the high hardware prices.



Update 15.5 should alleviate webcam problems
In the first beta of the Studio Display firmware 15.5, Apple already made some adjustments and corrected, among other things, the much too low-contrast and blurry display. Nevertheless, the verdict was heard several times that it was not really better, but rather a matter of "different bad". With the just released second beta, there are now more changes and of course a before/after comparison. This documents that there is apparently still room for corrections on the software side - in view of the construction method, the possibilities still remain limited.

Construction arguably inevitably causes losses
As the post shows, the rendering in Beta 2 has once again become a bit sharper as well as the color reproduction a bit more natural. Compared to the state at the time of delivery, a lot has changed. Why this is not a completely solvable problem was already explained last week. Apple opted for a small sensor with an ultra-wide-angle camera, which is why the image for "Center Stage" has to be zoomed in and cropped. This is accompanied by significant losses in picture quality because the user's distance to the display is much larger than in the case of an iPad with a similar concept.

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