Monday, Nov 15, 2021, 15:16 Mac: Hardware

Well-Known Companies Praise The MacBook Pro 2021 – Announce The Switch To Mac

Apple certainly hasn't had any lack of positive reception lately. Even if the new MacBook Pro 2021's housing isn't for everyone – there's no question about the machine's simultaneous energy efficiency and incredible performance. Even many well-known companies are announcing their switch to the new Mac. For example, Reddit is soon to equip its entire development team with the new notebooks. Although the acquisition of the new devices will require a US$32,000 investment – according to calculations, the investment will result in a productivity profit equalling US$100,000 after only one year. The tests revealed that the new MacBook Pros could build apps in half the amount of time previously possible, meaning that the company would break even by the three-month mark.

A Big Investment With Large Profit
Twitter also announced plans to equip all of its iOS and Android developers with the new machines – and in the maximum configuration. The advantages of the new MacBook Pro over Intel devices were immediately recognizable to the social media giant, as "thermal throttling" due to heat build-up was a big issue with the former Intel equipment. The eCommerce platform Shopify and the ride-service Uber are other big-names amongst some of the many corporations equipping their employees with the new MacBook Pro 2021. A Tweet regarding the switch to the new notebook stated that the US$4,500 investment also would deliver exceptional improvements to productivity. A large part of developers' working time gets spent waiting for builds to finish compiling – a process which the high-performance MacBook Pro 2021 would accelerate significantly.



No Deliveries Until December - January
As is regular with Apple releases, there will be long wait times until the most recent batch of MacBook Pro notebooks is delivered. All basic configurations of the MacBook Pro 14" and 16" will be delivered by the middle of December if ordered today. However, models with 64 GB of RAM or larger SSDs could take up to eight weeks as per the current prognosis – meaning not till the middle of January. The long wait times likely won't calm down for several months until Apple can meet the high demand.

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