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What Kind Of Camera Will The iPhone 15 Have? iPhone 15 Pro Likely To Come With Periscope Camera & 5x Zoom

As far as modifications to Apple's upcoming iPhone lineup, the 3rd generation iPhone SE and the iPhone 14 are taking the spotlight this year. The first will receive some maintenance, while the next major iPhone is queued for quite the camera upgrade. All current indications point to a 48-megapixel primary camera for the iPhone 14 Pro and up, with 8K video recording capability. Apple's traditional camera upgrades to Pro model iPhones' are likely to play an important role with the iPhone 15 Pro as well – in fact, there are even some hints right now that Cupertino may utilize periscope technology for next year's top model of iPhone.

Periscope System For 5x Optical Zoom
Nowadays, smartphones are more than simple phones with touch screens – they can serve as gaming systems, entertainment systems, work implements, and even high-profile camera systems. Almost every time a major smartphone manufacturer releases a new phone, one of the main specifications provided in the feature list is the type of camera and its capabilities. Impressive features such as Bokeh effects have meanwhile almost become part of the standard repertoire of modern high-end smartphones. According to some reports, Cupertino could be planning something special for the iPhone 15. As per, 9to5Mac, analyst Jeff Pu has offered up some interesting information: The iPhone Pro's optical zoom could support 5x zooming come the iPhone 15 Pro, thanks to new lenses.



Lante Optics Being Considered As Main Supplier – Technology Not Likely Until iPhone 15 Pro
According to Pu, Apple is in negotiations with Lante Optics – a periscope lens supplier. Cupertino has already received some samples and should make a decision by May of this year. If Lante Optics gets the contract, the China-based lens manufacturer may end up producing more than 100 million components for Apple – leading to the company profiting considerably from Cupertino's plans. However, the prognosis from some analysts, that periscope lenses will arrive as early as with the iPhone 14 this year, is less likely.

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