Thursday, Jan 27, 2022, 19:48 Mac: Hardware

What Kind Of Chip Will The iMac Pro Have? Leaker Indicates iMac Pro With New M1 Max & 12 CPU Cores

During its switch from Intel to in-house Apple Silicon chips, Cupertino equipped the Mac mini, 13" MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air with the new chips first – sending shockwaves throughout the entire tech world. In addition to providing an impressive, competitive level of performance for their intended device class, the ARM chips are also extremely energy efficient. Apple took things a step further with the next set of M1 chips intended for the new 14 and 16" models of the MacBook Pro: The M1 Pro with 6-8 high-performance CPU cores and the M1 Max with 8+ cores. The latter even comes with 32 GPU cores. Some industry insiders already foresee the M2 SoC (system on a chip) on the horizon, predicting its arrival in the next MacBook Air. Meanwhile, a separate leaker indicates that Apple might not be done with the M1 just yet – there could be a new offshoot of the chip conceived for the iMac Pro.

iMac Pro Could Experience A Revival
The Mac portfolio's switch to ARM is in full swing – however, reports on the iMac Pro have been a little bit less frequent in recent months. This comes after Apple halted production of the all in one computer all the way back at the beginning of 2021. There was complete silence concerning a successor to the machine, until the first few leakers started talking about the device and offered up forecasts mostly concerning the future product's display. According to various sources at the time, the first ARM iMac Pro would have a 30 to 32 inch display, although there was some discord. Market expert Ross Young declared that Apple wouldn't change the size of the upcoming iMac Pro's display and it would remain at 27 inches. Now, leaker DylanDKT has released his prognosis for the iMac Pro's interior – stating that he's certain that the ARM chip used in the upcoming iMac Pro will be based on an upgraded M1 Max.



New M1 Max With 12 CPU Cores?
Via Twitter, DylanDKT claims to have confirmed that there will be another variant of the M1 Max – intended for use in the iMac Pro. A snippet of code mentioning the product reinforces the claim that the processor will use 12 cores. Presumably, the 12 cores will consist of 2 efficiency and 10 performance cores. DylanDKT leaves no doubt that the iMac Pro will definitely be bringing the "Pro" performance with it and is not a device suited for the needs of average consumers: Instead, it's fully intended for professional usage.

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