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What Will The New iPhone 14 Look Like? Video Of Each iPhone 14 Leaked Dummies From All Sides

A few weeks ago, an exact reproduction of the iPhone 14 Pro Max made the rounds in the media. As is usually the case, a few months before the announcement of a new iPhone generation, several reproductions of the final product have popped up. Of course, these are not working models with internal hardware – rather, they're "dummy" models produced by Apple and sent to 3rd party accessory manufacturers for the purpose of designing products without test hardware. At the same time, these dummies end up leaking to the press before almost every major iPhone release and this time they're giving hardcore iPhone fans a glance at what's expected to arrive this fall.

This release go-around, there are already dummies that have leaked for each individual model of the iPhone 14 – meaning also for the standard variants without the "Pro" moniker. As always, there is a slight disclaimer – although the dimensions of each of the dummy models are more than likely to correspond exactly to the final products', the external constellation and appearance of the cameras is still subject to change upon release. Since only the device's frame and not its internal hardware is important in the development of external protective smartphone cases – these dummies are, as previously mentioned, simply placeholders.

4 Models From All Sides
The line-up of the 2022 iPhone series will consist of four models, 2 of which are Pro devices. As was the case in previous years, the biggest difference from the previous series is noticeable on the back of the device, mostly surrounding the camera system. Although the iPhone 14 will have 3 cameras, the standard variants of the iPhone 14 possess only 2. Otherwise, the models look rather similar. Additionally, there is now a standard, non-iPhone-Pro variant with a display diagonal of more than 6".



iPhone 14 Max Could Be A Blockbuster
Despite reports that the standard iPhone 14 and new iPhone 14 Max variation will receive an A15 instead of A16 unlike the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the iPhone 14 Max could still be the ideal device for many users. Whereas an iPhone with a larger display was previously restricted to the most expensive and decked out iPhone in the lineup, Apple is now providing an alternative and more affordable option for fans of large smartphone displays. According to current market data, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was the public's favorite iPhone purchase for months – out selling even the standard iPhone 13 and the iPhone Pro. The likely reason for the smartphone's massive success was its larger display, whilst the iPhone 13 mini with its smaller display was simultaneously shunned in comparison.

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