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What Will macOS 13 Be Called? A New Trademark Could Reveal The Answer

Since macOS 10.9 Mavericks, released in October 2013, Apple's Mac operating systems have taken on the titles of Californian landmarks (similar to previous eras of macOS having different naming "themes"). The current version of macOS 12 is named after the "Monterey" coastal strip and for the first time in years, however, the company decided against delivering a new name-relevant desktop background for the new operating system. As per the company's own current trademarks, Apple still has several geographical landmarks in store for monikers of future versions of macOS.

"Mammoth" – An Early Name Candidate For macOS 12
Branch experts considered one title as a likely candidate for macOS 12 – "Mammoth". Although the things one might associate with the prehistoric animal might not be in line with Apple's brand of sleek elegance, the moniker did fit in with the current naming theme. Mammoth is a mountain range near Yosemite and El Capitan, both names of recent, previous versions of macOS. However, as we all know, Cupertino decided against macOS 12 "Mammoth" in favor of another "M" name – macOS "Monterey". Despite this, the rock massif isn't necessarily out of the picture yet, in fact, it's quite the opposite – Apple's subsidiary, Yosemite Research, just extended its trademark on the word again according to 9to5Mac.



Trademark Extension After Only A Few Months
At first glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Apple is already known to routinely extend its own trademarks. However, the current timing of "Mammoth's" trademark renewal is noteworthy. The both requested and now granted extension of the trademark by the US Patent & Trademark Office comes only a few months after the last registration in May 2021, only a little more than half a year ago. The short timeframe could indicate that Cupertino is seriously considering using the geographical moniker for the title of the upcoming macOS 13 expected in the fall of 2022.

Apple Owns Countless Other Geographical Trademarks
Apple and its subsidiary, Yosemite Research, have access to many other geographical trademarks, which could be used for naming the next big version of macOS. The portfolio includes a mountain east of San Francisco named "Diablo" and "Lake Tahoe". Other noteworthy mentions are "Napa Valley" – known for its wine growing, the island group "Farallon", and the "Miramar" suburb in San Diego, as well as the "Shashta" mountain in central California.

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