Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022, 17:23 iOS: Software

What's Happening To Twitter, WhatsApp, & Tumblr? iOS Apps Soon To Receive Improvements

Downtimes are not good for social networks and messaging services – especially in the middle of a pandemic when used as the primary means of communication. The competition is too large to afford it. Meanwhile, customer desire for apps equipped with intuitive, comprehensive features is increasing. Noticeably, most social media giants update their apps on iOS before other platforms to await feedback. Sometimes, however, it's also the terms of conditions for Apple's App Store that make the iOS-specific updates necessary. This is the case for Tumblr, for example, which is removing sensitive content from its app as per the App Store's ToS.

Tumblr Reacts To Sensitive Content
Apple's strict requirements for the App Store are causing the social network Tumblr some problems. In a blog post, the company explains that specific search inquiries within the app no longer met with results compatible with the App Store's ToS. Apple has urged Tumblr to react to the taboo search results on its app. These consisted partially of select body parts, which could only be described as pornographic in nature – along with other complex themes: Some search results for specific psychiatric conditions such as eating disorders, addictions, and depression came up with inappropriate results, as did searches containing words pertaining to racism, sexism, domestic violence, and suicide prevention. Now, Tumblr is implementing a few new rules for its app: Users will only receive access to content of this kind when they explicitly express the desire for it and by allowing Tumblr to show explicit content in their iOS device's System Settings.



Twitter Places Search In Home Tab – Improvements To WhatsApp Voice Messages
Twitter is likewise experimenting with its search function – in this case, the search bar, which will now appear directly in the Home tab of the iOS app for select users. Those who receive the update and don't like it can always switch back to the old version. In the newest beta, WhatsApp is striking back at the competition; users can continue listening to voice messages after leaving the chat. This is especially practical for long audio messages and should take effect for all users soon.

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