Friday, May 20, 2022, 15:00 Software

WhatsApp: New Features Planned – Leave Groups Secretly, Premium Subscription

It's a story known to many... A spontaneous visit to the bar and run in with a group of friends leads to one individual declaring the need to form a WhatsApp group to relive the enjoyment of the night. The group quickly becomes boring either because no one posts anything or because one individual in the group feels compelled to share every single funny image that they run across on the internet to the group. Normally, most people would simply opt to leave the group at this point, only to do so means notifying every other member of the group that you have left – running the risk of hurting someone's feelings, and a reason for many to remain in old, inactive groups on their WhatsApp account. As per the current beta, the situation is set to change. A new feature in the beta would make it possible for users to silently leave chat groups in the full release. Only the group admin and the user who leaves the group would see evidence of the user's absence.

WhatsApp With Premium Subscription
In the early days of the messenger, users still paid a one time fee of 99¢ – until usage of the service was made completely free. Now, the company is working on integrating subscription-based additional features into the standard service. These new features would not target standard users, but would focus more on providing companies a "Premium Subscription Service for business users" – enabling a company to connect up to 10 devices to the same WhatsApp account. This could be useful when using WhatsApp directly for customer support. Additionally, there is also mention of a feature called "Unique Business Links" – or short URLs which would contain the company's contact information, enabling customers to quickly take up contact. Anyone subscribed to a WhatsApp premium account can create an infinite such number of links.



Unknown Yet When The Features Will Be Released
The exact release timeframe remains unknown. When new features have appeared in software betas for WhatsApp in the past, it normally indicates a full release of the features within the next few weeks – however, in other cases WhatsApp has delayed the process for months or simply changed its mind altogether concerning the new features and simply ditched its plans.

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