Thursday, Feb 03, 2022, 14:23 Mac: Hardware

When Is The iMac Pro With M1 Going To Arrive? Experts Push Date Back Later

Almost all marketing experts agree on at least one thing: Over the next few months, the successor to the 27" iMac should arrive, carrying the name the "iMac Pro". The "Pro" moniker will indicate not only a larger display, but also an improved internal processor. The processor is expected to be an upgraded variant of the M1 Pro/Max chips found in Apple's 2021 MacBook Pro models. The new device would be capable of performance values far exceeding those of the current 24" iMacs with regular M-chips. Despite the recent influx in information circulating about the next iMac "Pro" – there's some contention amongst market watchers, analysts, and experts concerning the machine's arrival date on the market. Although Bloomberg expects a release in March.

Display Delivery Not Till Summer
Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants has proven himself to be an accurate tech-oracle in the past for all things Apple. Young sources most of his information from the orders of important panel manufacturers and his company deals almost exclusively with the "flat panel industry" – as per its own description. Allegedly, Young could confirm that Apple ordered a number of panels with MiniLED lighting and fewer LED zones than those in the iPad or MacBook Pro. The aforementioned zones serve to light up specific points of the display, leading to one of the downsides of MiniLED – increased "blooming" effects.



Likely No Release Until Between June & September
According to Mr. Young, display panel deliveries could start so late that Apple isn't likely wouldn't be able to introduce until after the spring of this year. Instead, we'd all have to wait until summer – which would correspond with the time of Apple's yearly World Wide Developers' Conference. Of course, it's also possible that Cupertino will present the device in March – only to release the desktop on the market in the following months (as was the case with the first ever iMac Pro and the Mac Pro). Whether or not Apple has plans for the device to be "revolutionary" enough to justify such an event remains to be seen. As long as Ross is correct, the iMac Pro should see a start of sales in between June and September.

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