Monday, Jan 02, 2023, 15:29 Apple services

Where Is Apple's Classical Music Streaming Service?

In August 2022, Apple revealed that it had acquired the streaming service "Primpehonic" – for an unknown purchase price. Primephonic was a service that specialized in the streaming of classical music. Cupertino hoped to rebrand the service and expand its portfolio with the acquisition. No additional subscription would be necessary for Apple Classical users to take advantage of the new offer. Instead, all current Apple Music subscribers would receive automatic access to the new service at no additional charge. By 2022, almost immediately after purchasing the service, Apple had entirely discontinued Primephonic – shutting the service down permanently. The only remaining trace was a website where users could apply for recompensation in the event of longer subscription times.

New Release Date Unknown
Thus far, Apple has yet to reveal any further information as to why the service failed to meet its deadline for release last year. It's not a common trend in Cupertino to announce products or services only to start them with a significant delay. Since the announcement of and subsequent failure of its charging mat ("AirPower") in 2017, Apple has become very wary of prematurely announcing products too far in the future before their planned start on the market.



So... What Likely Happened?
Considering that Cupertino has quite a significant level of experience in operating a streaming service – it's not likely that the company has pushed "Apple Classical's" start date into 2023 due to technical reasons. Possibly, there were intentions to announce the new release date during a planned fall event – however, such an event failed to occur last year. Thus, Apple may present the new service alongside the new Macs in the Spring of 2023 instead.

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