Wednesday, Feb 02, 2022, 16:23 Apple Watch

Why Won't My Apple Wallet Sync With My iPhone Or Apple Watch? Sync Problems With The Wallet App

The Apple Wallet is getting closer and closer to becoming a complete digital implement worthy of replacing the classic, analog wallets of old. Once state authorities are finished universally approving storage of photo ID in the Apple Wallet, there won't be much need for Apple Wallet users to carry around a traditional "old school" wallet anymore. Until then, the service will offer primarily a digital overview of credit cards and banking services compatible with Apple Pay. There isn't a shared transaction history between Apple devices due to security concerns, however, credit cards are handled synchronously between devices.

iPhone Wallets Losing Connection To Watch Wallet
For several days now, the finale releases of iOS 15.3 and watchOS 8.4 have been available for download. Thus far, barely any users have reported any serious bugs – although some have encountered a rather annoying, albeit minor bug where the iOS Wallet app only sporadically synchronizes with its watchOS counterpart. When affected users delete or add info to the Wallet (such as banking information or credit/debit cards) the change is also reflected on the iPhone, however, the inverse does not seem to occur. Additionally, updates to credit cards and certificates on Apple Wallet in iOS 15.3 are not found on the smartwatch for some users. Our editorial staff has been able to reproduce these errors, although only a minority of users have been impacted by the bug.



Possible Workaround
In all likelihood, Apple plans to fix the issue in an update soon. Until then, there's a workaround posted on the official support forum by user aero.108. Simply enter the Wallet app on iPhone and share the corresponding information failing to update with yourself via iMessage. Then, open up the Messages app on the Apple Watch in order to add the cards.

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