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Will Apple's AR/VR Headset Have The Same Power Adaptor As A High End MacBook Pro?

Hints concerning Apple's upcoming VR/AR headset are increasingly in number. Following more rumors over the past few days, well-known Apple leaker and supplier-insider Ming-Chi Kuo has added his two cents about the headset's potential features – particularly concerning the device's energy usage. The powerful and also energy-hungry hardware used in Apple's AR/VR gadgets should require the same power adaptor as high-end models of the MacBook Pro 14".

USB-C Power Adaptor With 96 Watts
According to Kuo's Kuos predictions, Apple will use a 96 watt USB-C power adaptor. The implement would be the same charger used for the 14" MacBook Pro model released in October 2021. The usage of such a robust power adaptor would support the VR headset's ambitious hardware, resulting in a very capable new Apple gadget – particularly in comparison to the competition.



Computing Power
As far as computing power goes, the headset would be comparable to the current MacBook Pro – capable of running 3d games representing many virtual worlds. Last year, Kuo had mentioned the same, that the headset would contain a chip similar in performance tier to the M1 used in diverse Mac models and the iPad Pro.

2 Processors – 2 Different Assignments
The branch-insider also mentioned his prognosis concerning the rest of the devices hardware. Apple is likely to use 2 different processors, a 4nm variant and a 5nm one. TSMC will orchestrate the manufacture of both. While the more powerful and energy consuming chip will offer performance similar to the M1, the smaller and more energy efficient chip will take responsibility for tasks such as sensor-based processes.

It's still unclear when the Apple headset is going to release. One compatible announcement date could be Apple's WWDC developer fair in June this year. However, Kuo holds a presentation in the 4th quarter of 2022 as more likely. Even then, interested parties and potential customers may still have to be a little patient because deliveries wouldn't start until next year in the first quarter of 2023.

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