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Will The Next Gen AirPods Pro Be Getting Fitness Features?

CEO Tim Cook has stressed the important role that integrated technology can play in the fitness and health industry, especially when it comes to Apple products such as the Apple Watch or the Health app found on every iPhone. Over the years, Cupertino has added more and more sensors for fitness tracking to every iPhone and Watch as well as expanding the Health app and corresponding services, such as the "Fitness+" subscription service. Now, there's some speculation that another apple product could be getting its own set of health features for gym rats and health/fitness enthusiasts. According to various rumours over the last few years, the minds at Apple have been looking at equipping the AirPods with health sensors.

Significant Potential For Health Sensors In Plenty Of Devices
Kevin Lynch, Apple's Vice President of Technology, recently spoke with TechCrunch about the topic of "sensor fusion" (the coordination of sensors in the iPhone and Apple Watch to deliver even more health information about the wearer). Despite sounding like a production process, sensor fusion is actually a software process that takes data from both an iPhone and Apple Watch (and in the future maybe even other devices with fusion compatible sensors) and then synthesizes it to provide more information about the wearer's health and habits than one device's individual sensors could provide alone.



AirPod Sensors?
Lynch also discussed the possibility of equipping products such as the AirPods with sensors for sensor fusion in order to collect even more accurate information. TechCrunch also asked Lynch about how the AirPods could be adapted in order to include fitness sensors – and it seems as if the AirPods Pro are a likely candidate to receive the technology, as they're currently the most well adapted for sport and largest in size to fit the new sensors.

AirPods Pro 2 With Fitness Features In 2022?
As we've already stated, there have been reports of "fitness" AirPods circulating for quite a while now. Most recently, several high-profile Apple leakers have also chipped in their two cents concerning the matter. Well-known and reliable Apple Leaker Ming-Chi Kuo has also stated that Apple is currently hard at work on developing a "fitness" set of AirPods with health tracking features. Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has even gone so far as to mention a specific timeframe for release. According to his forecast, the AirPods Pro 2 should arrive with fitness features in 2022.

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